About ScoreData

ScoreData is a leading provider of data analytics services for the predictive enterprise. Our proprietary solutions and services have been widely used to drive significant business improvements for our customers. Our teams have developed core technology components such as scoring engines, neural network models and machine learning systems which we use to solve problems in various vertical markets such as Banking and Financial Services, Retail, Telecom, and Healthcare Systems. We offer a broad range of services across the datascape, in areas such as SAS, SPSS, SQL, R, Hadoop, Descriptive and Predictive Modeling, Data Mining, Simulation,and Decision Tree Analysis. Our models, solutions, and services have been used for several applications including security and fraud detection, consumer churn management, cross-sell and upsell systems, and portfolio value analysis in banking,sales pipeline analysis, and talent development.Our data analytics expertise spans descriptive and predictive analytics and data mining; we have been serving the industry with distinction. We will work with you seamlessly to expand the goals of your business, to dramatically improve top and bottom line growth and improve consumer satisfaction. Vas Bhandarkar and Dr. Danny Yang founded Caralta Corp. in 2012, which merged with Gmid Associates to create ScoreData Corporation. Vas Bhandarkar is an entrepreneur who has been a founding executive and has successfully scaled from inception several innovative product companies. His previous adventures include Remedy Corporation (IPO), Selectica (IPO), Cellmania (Sold to RIM), Unimobile (Sold to EFII) and Globallogic (acquired by APAX Partners).