ScoreData Corporation ("ScoreData", "we", "our", "us") works with companies globally. We value your privacy and are committed to protecting your sensitive business data though our robust data and network security standards. ScoreData Corporation works with noted companies globally, Fortune 500 firms- Banks, Financial Services firms, Insurance companies and Telecom majors; and maintains high data security and confidentiality standards.

Data Security & Privacy Policy By ScoreData Corporation

Our clients collect personal information according to their business requirements and provide it to us as input for our services. We, as a company, do not collect personal information. Our privacy policy applies to all personal and other sensitive information that our clients share with us.

  • We encourage our clients to mask all personal data and other sensitive information prior to handing it over to us.
  • We enter into non disclosure agreements with all our employees at the time of joining. No devise with data read/ write capability is allowed in our premises.
  • All our employees go through a comprehensive training module on data security, privacy and network security laws and standards prior to being assigned to a team and start working.
  • Each of our esteemed clients has their separate virtual working environment in our premises. The team working on a particular project only has access to the technical infrastructure (data, documentation, systems, servers and networks) for the concerned project and nothing else.
  • In order to provide services to our clients, we may have to sometimes share the data with one of our subsidiaries or third party providers. But prior to that, we enter into proper non disclosing agreements and other required contractual agreements with them to make sure they provide the same privacy protection, data and network security levels as desired by our clients. Additionally, before roping in a third party, we take prior consent of the client and address all concerns they might have. Our clients best interests are our top priority at all times.
  • Nobody outside the active team working on a particular client assignment has access to any data, systems and servers related to that project.
  • In addition to the above listed points, we emulate the working environment of our clients and take care of any additional privacy and network security related requests that they have.

To summarize, our clients vouch for our superior quality work, highly skilled and client oriented work force and high professional standards. And we always encourage our new clients to talk to existing partners and clients to get an idea about our high data security, privacy and network security standards; because at the end of the day no documentation of written policy gives the comfort that an existing partner does.

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