Retail Industry Analysis

Business analysis for retail

Now a day’s huge amount of data is being captured at a rate never before seen in history of retail industry. The retailer’s goal is to translate that data into the meaningful insight so that they can make their decisions.

  • How are we doing?
  • Why and what we are doing?
  • Why should we do in future?

Applications of analytics in retail

  • Cross sell and Up sell
  • Customer Retention
  • Life time value analysis (LTV)
  • Customer loyalty and churn analysis
  • Inventory optimization (SKU Optimization)
  • Sales Forecasting

Solutions in Retail analysis for Retailers

Retail analysis solutions for marketing

  • Are my marketing promotional offers increasing the store traffic?
  • Is my mail campaign increasing the number of returning visitors?
  • How to improve customer loyalty and reduce churn?
  • Is my social media campaign affecting my customers?

Retail analysis solutions for operations & sales

  • Peak sales time to identify how much workforce/inventory is required?
  • Effects of Seasonality affecting my business?
  • What is the sales trend?
  • Up sell & cross sell analysis?