Statistical Analysis

In last ten years R programming language has exploded in its popularity and functionality - emerging as the world’s most sophisticated tool of data analytics. R first started in academia and has now come to become the number one tool analytical for business, led by a very active user community and companies. R has opened the door of data analytics for small and medium size companies as now companies don’t need to invest in licensing fees to procure analytics tools like SAS and IBM SPSS. As somebody said- everything that can be done in SAS and SPSS or any other tool can be done in R, while R can do a wide range of other things that no other tool can.

Why R?

  • R is free and open source. Companies don’t need to procure costly licenses before leveraging the power of analytics.
  • Modules of R include virtually every data manipulation, statistical models and charts that may be required to solve any business and research problems.multi-dimensional data through its multipanel charts and 3D graphs.
  • R is faster and gives better results. R scripts can be easily automated, hence helps in reproducible research and production deployment.
  • R has a very active online community. New packages are being produced at mind boggling rates.
  • R is very popular in academia. So it’s always at the forefront of new developments in applied statistics and econometrics. Resources needed to work in R are easily available.

About R outsourcing

At ScoreData Associates we encourage our clients to use R for their analytical requirements as it helps them save the costs on analytical tools. Plus it lets them remain technology and platform agnostic. We have a team of R programmers in India that can assist you in your advanced statistical R programming requirements. ScoreData Associates combines its domain knowledge with the programming expertise in R and SAS to offer unique business solutions to its clients in easily implementable formats. We take pride in providing analytically rigorous solutions at very cost effective prices and quick turnaround times to our clients.

Our R capabilities

  • Data manipulation and data processing like treatment of missing values, creating single snap shot of data- needed for modeling exercises.
  • High quality graphics and Data Visualization, Interactive Graphical functions.
  • ANOVA, P-test, Decision Trees, Clustering Techniques etc.
  • Regression Models – Development of Linear Regression models, Logistic Regression models, Generalized Linear Models etc.
  • Non linear Modeling techniques, Neural Networks.
  • Times series models like Autoregressive Model (AR), Moving Average (MA), ARIMA, GRACH, ARIMAX etc.