Risk Analytics

Risk Analytics is one of the most important aspects of data analysis. Every business has some risk associated with it. So it is very imperative for the business managers to understand the risk involved in their respective business during the different lifecycle of a customer.

ScoreData offers a range of solution from customer acquisition to customer life time to the collection and recoveries. Our advanced predictive analytical solutions help the companies in proactively handling the risk at different levels.
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Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics solution of ScoreData helps company to manage the entire lifecycle of the customer, from acquisition to retention. Our solutions are tailored to each client’s business need with sole purpose of maximizing profit. Our advanced analytics solutions help to improve the effectiveness of marketing initiatives, enhancing the brand and customer equity and increasing the ROI.
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Sales Analytics

Sales analytics helps the companies in sales forecast and to develop the market strategies based on historic data. ScoreData uses the advanced techniques of statistics and data mining to help the clients in developing profile of prospective customers and strategies to target them at right place and right time.
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Business Analytics

Business Analytics Solutions of ScoreData uses data, statistical and quantitative analysis and smart reporting to measure past performance and analyze historic data to guide the future business planning of the organization. Our Business Analytics solutions (BA) help companies to gain data driven insights that informs business decisions and can be used to automate and optimize business processes.
We have proven expertise in handling and leveraging large datasets. The plethora of Business Analytics (BA) solutions that we provide stitch well with the existing data management practices in the organization. Our core competence is the building of tools and systems that let the businesses transform into evolving process-driven-systems.
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Dashboard Reporting

A management information system allows executives and other stakeholders to define targets and monitor progress of different performance indicators.
Visual presentation of performance measures with in-depth identification of indices, Ability to identify trends and areas of business opportunities, Ability to make more informed decisions based on collected business intelligence, Instant visibility of all systems at run time.
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Process Consulting

We have extensive experience in process re-engineering to help businesses with smooth and efficient process development. We help multi-business organizations undertake rapid operations-rollout predictably both in geographically spread and/or complex environments.
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